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Credit will be redeemable at from October 19th, 2017 - October 19th, 2018.

If you don't find anything you like , we offer a money-back guarantee.

Credit will be applied to the original item price.

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This winter I wanted to create for you a wardrobe for the perfect winter. Inspired by the Danish Hygge - a quality of comfort, coziness & contentment.

A hygge atmosphere

Start each day easy

Creating a cozy, comfy winter for you

Take a deep breathe, have a magical winter

Feel at home, look sharp

A variety of shapes, sizes and cuts for endless combinations

Wear Gusta everywhere, anytime, all the time

Have fun with styling

Textures, volumes, layers

58 Contributors

₪ 37,600 Contributed

₪ 75,200 Issued in Credit

Campaign Completed


Gusta's DNA is simplicity, sophistication, and wearability. In past collections, this has translated to clean lines, monochromatic colors, and clothes that are comfortable to wear.


Cercle is a platform that fosters collaboration between fashion designers and their audiences. You can contribute to designers’ upcoming collections, and in return receive inner circle perks such as sneak peeks and major pre-collection discounts.
Designers share the vision of their upcoming collections, and you are given the opportunity to collaborate by funding the collection up to a certain amount. In exchange for your contribution, you receive credit towards a purchase from the designer’s next collection worth more than the amount you contributed. The designer uses the money raised to produce the collection. Once the collection is launched you are able to redeem your credit.
You get an inside look at the creative process of the designers as well as credit towards a future purchase.
We review and approve every designer’s application before they are able to launch a campaign.
Most likely yes, but this may vary from designer to designer.
You can use Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American express and Discover.
Feel free to reach out to the designer with any questions you may have.
Upon contributing, you will receive an email with a unique code that you can redeem at the designer’s store, either online or brick and mortar, once the collection launches. You’ll also receive regular updates from the designer on their process during the creation of the collection.
You will receive a refund for the full amount that you contributed.
Yes, but the credit can only be applied to the original item price.
No, the credit can only be used towards the Gusta brand collection.
The Fall Winter collection will be launched on October 19th.