The Bent Line

By Michelle Cherian

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The Bent Line Vision

The Bent Line collection is inspired by the movement and shape of a single line...from a gentle knot of yarn to glistening kelp. Each piece is made by heating a straight silver rod and bending it by hand to form the intended shape. In addition to The Bent Line, we will be reprinting our most popular scarves, World in Dots, Long Brush & Short Brush.

Twisted Teardrops in Sterling Silver

The prototypes for each piece of jewelry are made by rolling out a coil of clay then twisting and wrapping it until a strong shape emerges.

Swirl ring in Sterling Silver

Tiny G necklace

World in Dots scarf

The making of the G Ring. Each piece is bent by hand.

Entangled ring in Sterling Silver

G Ring sample

Screenprinted scarf samples: World in Dots & Long Brush

30 Contributors

$ 5,450 Contributed

$ 10,900 Issued in Credit

Campaign Completed


Atha pieces are playful explorations in textile and metal work employing natural materials and artisan techniques. Design ideas start as prototypes in my Brooklyn studio and are then refined together with artisans in Bali and Nepal. Atha’s mission is to create intentional handcrafted objects that provide a meaningful experience for both the maker and the owner.


Cercle is a platform that fosters collaboration between fashion designers and their audiences. You can contribute to designers’ upcoming collections, and in return receive inner circle perks such as sneak peeks and major pre-collection discounts.
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You get an inside look at the creative process of the designers as well as credit towards a future purchase.
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Most likely yes, but this may vary from designer to designer.
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Upon contributing, you will receive an email with a unique code that you can redeem at the designer’s store, either online or brick and mortar, once the collection launches. You’ll also receive regular updates from the designer on their process during the creation of the collection.
You will receive a refund for the full amount that you contributed.
Yes, but the credit can only be applied to the original item price.
You can use your store credit for both jewelry or scarves from September 17th, 2017 - September, 2018
We will do a small production run of The Bent Line jewelry collection and reprint our most popular scarves: World in Dots, Short Brush, and Long Brush
You will get a unique code that you can redeem at the Atha online store after September 17th, 2017.
You can use your credit for up to a year, so it can be used towards any items launching in the store from September 2017 -September 2018. If you still don’t find anything you like we will refund your contribution.
Yes, please inquire for shipping costs to your country. The coupon code you receive will not cover international shipping costs.
Atha is based in New York and works with artisan partners in Bali and Nepal.
The jewelry is made in Bali and the scarves are made in Nepal.
All Atha pieces are handmade by artisans.